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Flora Food Art


During many years of floral art design within various countries, I have come to appreciate not only the aesthetic elements of floral arrangements but also the importance of smell and taste.

For the past five years I have passionately explored these elements in my project "Bloemengeur"

When we speak of the smell of flowers we refer to the fragrance, and when we speak of the taste of flowers we refer to the aroma (flavour). In principle they belong together.

In my workshops and presentations I have noticed that it is difficult to explain the smell of flowers. It is easier to explain the concept of smell, taste and aroma when speaking of food.

This gave me the inspiration to combine smell and taste and give a new perception to flowers and plants.

This website offers a unique service in sharing these beautiful ideas with you. If you are interested in smell and taste workshops or seek information about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Jacques Coolen
Dutch Floral Master
Fragrance and flavor expert

Von-Wylich-Straße 9
51491 Overath - Germany
Phone +49-2206-8528338
Fax +49-2206-8528337
Email info (at) coolen.de

Crystallised flowers and leaves

Crystallising flowers and leaves is a time consuming process. The flowers are individually brushed by hand with a fine sugar coating. The special processed sugar (a secret recipe) adheres to the flowers which are then dried in an oven. This drying process preserves the colour and shape of the flowers and leaves.

This can make a unique and tasteful decoration for a wedding cake, or a finishing touch on a dessert.

A small amount of cream, rose marmalade and a crystallised rose leaf placed on a scone can be just the thing for High Tea.

The most elegant of all are crystallised petals placed in a glass of champagne. The bursting bubbles release the authentic scent of the flower.


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